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Fitness 101

Hey everyone , I’d like to take a quick moment to summarize how I went from hot dancer bod , mom bod , and now back to happy with my fit mom bod:) No matter where your at with your body the number one thing to do is to TAKE ACTION. Stop talking about it , stop wishing it , and stop planning it out. Get your ass up and work hard for it. It’s not easy not even close but once you see results it becomes an addiction and adds so many benefits to life and your health. If you are a mom like myself you have the fantastic stretched out belly that no matter how much you eat or watch what you eat it’s there. Well the secret is a combination of all tricks you have heard of.

1. Yes wear the waist trainer.

I did right after I was done healing with my newborn. I believe it was about 2 months after. Either way feel it out you’ll know when your ready. I wore it 4 hours a day to tighten all the lose pieces back into place.

2. Yes do the abs challenge

BUT don’t stop, keep it going! Do it as a daily routine , and increase how many you do each time. I would do 50-100 per workout. Like I said start small.

3. Eat healthy

Especially for your tummy area, this is the most important secret to getting fit. You hear those sayings :” You are what you eat, you wear what you eat in public…” etc etc Well it’s true, if you want results you have fuel your body to do so. I ate nothing but salads and fruit everyday. No fast food was touched. And no I did not starve myself. For help with this you can use the MyPlate app, it’s amazing for setting your goal and tracking your food.

4. Other Hints

Some other advice I would give is cut the drinks out , soda , wine beer say bye bye. If you don’t enjoy going to the gym , find an active hobby that makes time fly by but makes you sweat. If your mom and are “too busy” …. your child takes naps ! I just found you some time 🙂 Find at home workouts on Pinterest.

Lastly, you control your body. You control what you put into it , how you treat it, and the way your thoughts guide your decisions. You chose to make the workout dreadful or to not workout at all. Learn to control your mind and you will get results. Print a motivational picture of how you want to look and stare at it every single day! Good luck!


Bloggette 101

Hey you, I wanted to share a quickie on this new journey called blogging I decided to tackle. It’s been on my mind for years and I finally decided I’m worth it. My name is Marina , some call me Mina and known as Mary in my school days. At work I’m called Maria because let’s face it nobody can pronounce that shit over the phone. I am mom , wife, and gym rat. Growing up in a European country I love the glam luxury lifestyle but somehow some tomboy got mixed in. I have a passion for dancing , love , cars, health, beauty , and of course coffee because sitting behind a desk all day is a hard trait to master. We have all been through many situations and experiences in life. I’m here to share mine and the many success stories in hope to encourage , motivate , and hopefully guide others to accomplish everything they wish upon. My experiences are not to be taken as “the only way” or the “scientific way. It’s just “A way” I found that worked for me and I’m hoping it works for you as well! With all your journeys in life I wish nothing but the best.

Much love,